30 best ASP.net based CMS

ASP.net is a free web application framework that allow web developer to build dynamic, Interactive websites, Web applications and services using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you are web programmer and searching for useful ASP.net based CMS to edit, manage and publish your dynamic website.

Top 10 Lock Screen Apps for Windows Phone

Top 10 Lock Screen Apps for Windows Phone. Privacy is, undoubtedly, the most important thing in this world. It is something that is dearest to each and every soul in this universe. Especially when it comes to your smart phones, an individual is always extra careful so that no one gets into all the confidential data in their mobile phones.

7 Best MailChimp Alternatives

7 Best MailChimp Alternatives. MailChimp is an email marketing service which was found in the year 2001. Basically what MailChimp does is that it designs and sends your marketing emails to other people on the internet.

Top 10 iPhone Arcade Games

Top 10 iPhone Arcade Games. An arcade game is a kind of video game with a lot of controls and operations to perform in. Over time, there has been an ever increasing craze about arcade games among smart phone users. So, here are the best arcade games for all the iPhone users out there.

Tally Alternatives – Best Open Source Alternatives for Tally

Tally Alternatives – Best Open Source Alternatives for Tally. Tally is one of the most famous accounting software packages in the world. It is being used equally by the small, medium as well as large sized businesses across the globe. Interestingly, this accounting software is most widely used in India also.

7 Best Animoto Alternatives

7 Best Animoto Alternatives. Recording a video and sharing it with everyone is something all of us have done. No matter what the occasion is, there is always someone holding the camera and recording the happy moments of life but when you talking about video making, I hope everyone has heard about Animoto.

10 Best CamStudio Alternatives

10 Best CamStudio Alternatives. One of the most widely used features of your PC or laptop is its webcam. As we know, CamStudio is the product of Microsoft Windows which is used for screen shooting purposes.

Top 10 Evernote Alternative for Linux

Top 10 Evernote Alternative for Linux. Using Evernote you can maintain a check on your financial matters, while also taking care of your everyday plans and agendas. Now there are some new apps in the market that are just as good as Evernote and in some cases even better.

7 Best Android Planning Apps

7 Best Android Planning Apps. From planning out a schedule to fixing meetings, everything can be done by these smartphones in the blink of an eye. So here are the Best Android Planning Apps.

7 Best Free Typing Tutors for Kids

7 Best Free Typing Tutors for Kids. Typing is an art. If you want to be prefect in typing then you need to learn this art and become excel in typing. The best way of learning how to type fast and those too typing correct words, sentences is by using Typing tutors.