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Top 4 Android App for Downloading Facebook Videos

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Have you ever wished to download any video you watched on Facebook, but you can’t? Facebook doesn’t provide the option to download videos but there are some android apps which does. Today, we have come up with a list of 4 Android apps which will help you in downloading videos from Facebook.

Top 4 Android App for Downloading Facebook Videos

  1. VideoDownloader

    VideoDownloader is the most advanced video downloader ever made for Android. You can not only download videos from your Facebook timeline but also from timelines of your friends, from the groups you have joined or from the pages you have liked. Just tap once to choose the video you want to download and if you want to download all the videos you can do it by tapping twice. This app also supports external SD card so the videos which you download will be directly transferred to your external SD card. Sometimes you might not be able to play videos using this app and that is because of missing of the Video Codec in your Android device. For this you can install third party applications. – VideoDownloader for Facebook

  2. Download Videos for Facebook

    Downloading videos using Download Videos for Facebook is very easy. For downloading videos just go to Facebook and then click on the video feed link of the video you want to download. After a couple of seconds you will see an Action Menu. Select Fire Video Grabber from the menu and your video will be downloaded. You can only download videos from Facebook using this app as it won’t support downloading videos from other videos sites like YouTube. – Download Videos for Facebook

  3. Video Downloader for Facebook

    Not only browse and watch videos but also download and save them very easily using Video Downloaded for Facebook. Download the videos which have been uploaded by you. Download the videos which are being tagged by your friends and also download from groups and different pages. The latest version of this application come with two new features and that are downloading the videos in high definition and the search feature. With the help of search feature you can search the videos uploaded by your friends and then download them. – Video Downloader for Facebook

  4. Facebook Video Downloader

    Facebook Video Downloader is a free app which you can use on your Android smartphones for downloading videos. Like other apps you can download videos from your timeline, friend’s timeline, FB groups and your liked pages. Facebook video Downloader comes with Wild Card Search feature which helps you to find the videos uploaded by your Facebook friend by searching it using a wild card text. Let me explain you better with help of an example. Let’s say you want to download some comedy videos. Just open the Wild card search feature and enter there comedy. If any of your Facebook friends has uploaded any video which is having comedy in title or in keywords you will see that video and you can download it. – Facebook Video Downloader

So these were the apps which will help you in downloading videos from Facebook. If you are using any app other than these please feel free to share that app with us.

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