Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack for Windows 7

We have already shared some beautiful Android Jelly Bean wallpaper for android. Now here is a beautiful Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack for your windows computer to transform your Windows 7 into Android Jelly Bean.

The Skin Pack is Developed by The skin pack comes with Android Jelly Bean Visual style, various resources, icons, wallpapers and much more stuff to make your desktop look and feel like Android Jelly bean operating system.

Transform Windows 7 to Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack

Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack for windows 7

The Skin pack installer have simple and safe install option. if you don’t like the new Android Jelly bean visual style, you can easily uninstall them without any problem. All you need to do uninstall all your old and other version of skin packs before install new version of Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack.

Supported Operating Systems :

  1. Windows 7 , Windows 7 SP1 – [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version]

Download : Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack (for X64 and X86 version)

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