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9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

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In this modern era laptops and tablets are comparably bulkier and less handy while smartphones are the practical pick for the those peoples who expect maximum functionality and portability. Smartphones are the ideal devices for the peoples working away from the home.

Smartphones are the best way to carry all your personal confidential data along with the images, audio and other important files all in your pockets.

Imagine you lost your android phone which means you have lost all your important files, emails, contacts and your personal confidential data may be now in wrong hands.

9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

However now its possible to recover a lost android phone with the help of Android tracking apps. All these tracking app use your Android’s GPS and locate the phone using Internet and a web browser.

Here is a list of 10 useful Android tracking apps which will help you to recover your lost or stolen android phone whenever situation arises.

  1. AntiDroidTheft

    AntiDroidTheft 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    Antidroidtheft is one of the oldest, trustworthy and a free apps to recover your android smartphone. Every android smartphone is powered with a built in tracking ability. Antidroidtheft uses this feature to locate your smartphone using the internet connection and a web browser.The most impressive feature of Antidroidtheft is “Spy Camera”, which helps to view pictures taken from phone’s camera from anywhere around the world.

    If someone tries to change SIM card of the phone then you will receive an instant notification email containing the phone number associated with that new SIM card. If your Antidroidtheft installed android phone has been lost or stolen then you may track your phone here . – AntiDroidTheft

  2. Where’s My Droid

    Wheres My Droid 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    Where’s My Droid is useful android tracking apps only if your phone is missing nearby with ringer is turned off and the phone not switched off. Imagine if you lost your phone somewhere near while the ringer is turned off, now finding it will be a big mess. However Where’s My Droid android app fixes this problem. If you installed this application on your missing Android phone then you can auto turn on your phones ringer to it’s highest volume remotely by simply texting a custom keyword to it.

    In similar manner it is also possible to get GPS location of your phone on texting an another custom keyword. Both the custom keywords can be assigned during application installation process. The ringer feature of this application will be only useful if the phone is lost somewhere nearby. However if phone is at distinct place then GPS positioning feature can be used to locate exact position of the phone. – Wheres My Droid

  3. Phone Found – Owner Info

    Phone Found is the Android apps that specially designed to get your locked phone back if the person who found it feels likes giving it back to you. With this app you can display your personal contact information such as your email address, phone number on the phone’s screen even if the phone is locked. Thus if someone friendly or known person finds your lost Android phone he may contact you and let you know that he found your lost Android phone. – Phone Found – Owner Info

  4. Lookout security and Antivirus

    Lookout Security and Antivirus 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    Lookout is the Award-winning and most successful android security apps to protect your phone from viruses, threats, spyware, and thieves. This application is available in two versions viz. Free version and Premium version. The free version is promising and offers essential security features, on the other hand the premium version provides extra-ordinary security and protective features.

    Along with security features Lookout offers data back up facility and allows restoring contacts. Lookout is powered with an awesome feature “Find My Phone”, this feature allows you to locate your lost or stolen android phone using Google maps even if your phone’s GPS is turned off. Also it helps to find your phone in the scenarios like if the phone lost somewhere nearby in silent mode by simply activating a loud alarm. – Lookout Security & Antivirus

  5. Android Lost

    Android Lost 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    Android Lost is an awesome application to recover your lost or stolen android phone and also allows you to activate security features of your phone remotely. Android Lost is a killer android application that offers features like Reading the latest SMS from your phone and sending them to your email address, triggering the alarm with flashing screen, wiping the phone, locking your SIM card, erasing SD card, making your phone to speak out load and many more. The ability of this application to operate and secure your android phone remotely makes it best of breed. – Android Lost

  6. Prey Anti-Theft

    Prey Anti-Theft 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    Prey Anti-Theft is a very popular android tracking apps which helps you to track all your lost or stolen android devices at one place. Prey is a free and open source android application that help you to track your lost or stolen phone via web interface. User can remotely lock the android phones by using this application. Moreover Prey provides following features. – Prey Anti-Theft

    1. Alerts for SIM change.
    2. GPS and Wi-Fi geo-location tracking.
    3. Lock the device for privacy (for android 2.2+)
    4. Triggers Loud alarm.
    5. Prevents Uninstalling the applications (for android 2.2+).
    6. Alert messages to user
  7. Mobile Defense

    Mobile Defense 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    Mobile Defense is one of the most efficient and useful android tracking apps as once it is installed on the device it becomes invisible in menu and the person whoever have stolen your android phone doesn’t even realize that you a spying on him.You can control your Mobile Defense installed android device and track it from mobile defense website very easily. – Mobile Defense

  8. McAfee WaveSecure

    McAfee WaveSecure 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    McAfee WaveSecure is an award winning mobile protection service for your android phone. McAfee WaveSecure is powered by world’s largest antivirus software developing company and provides best security features for your android phone and improves it’s life. McAfee WaveSecure offers various promising features as follows. McAfee WaveSecure offers a 7 days trial to test out the product, you can get subscription from WaveSecure at /year after your trial period is over.

    1. Remotely locks your phone from web or in response to a SMS from another phone.
    2. Displays MSG on your device even if its locked.
    3. Wipes your personal data to ensure security.
    4. Provides backup facility remotely even if the phone is not accessible
    5. Restores back up to a new device.
    6. Provides access to your data from anywhere around the world.
    7. Locates your lost phone on the map.
    8. Triggers a loud alarm remotely to help to recover your phone if it lost somewhere nearby place.
    9. Tracks the new number if the SIM card is changed.

    Note: McAfee WaveSecure comes with the inbuilt uninstall protection. To disable this uninstall protection , go to Settings -> Location and Security -> Select Device Administrators, then uncheck McAfee. Now you can uninstall the program.

  9. Plan B

    Plan B 9 Android Tracking Apps for Find Lost Android smartphone

    Plan B is the best of breed Android application due one of it’s outstanding feature called “Remote Install”. Imagine you have lost your android phone and never installed any of above Android tracking apps, now what to do? How to recover your lost or Stolen android phone? Isn’t it giving a sinking feeling in your stomach? Are – gone down the drain? Well you can escape yourself from this tragic scenario with the help of Plan B application.

    You can simply install this application to your android device remotely. As soon as Plan B is successfully installed on your phone you can track your phone with the help of GPS Positioning also the application will send the phone’s current location to your email address.

    You can relocate the phone anytime by texting a keyword “Locate” to your phone from a friends phone and in response the application will again send an email with phone’s current location information to your email address which you need to custom define during application installation. – Plan B

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