SPB Shell 3D for Android – Next Generation Intuitive 3D UI for Android

SPB Shell 3D is a pluggable, modular 3D UI platform, specially optimized for rapidly building next generation, high-performance mobile user interfaces.. User can easily activate any panel in a single gesture and also easily enhanced the program list.

SPB Shell 3D for AndroidSPB Shell 3D for AndroidSPB Shell 3D for Android

Features of SPB Shell 3D

  1. 3D Home screen/launcher
  2. Smart folders
  3. 3D widgets
  4. Collection of panels and widgets
  5. User can directly access selected programs even in folder
  6. It offer 3 different Views and 3D animation in carousel
  7. 8 unique widget to customize your Home screen such as 3D World Time, 3D Picture Viewer, 3D SMS Viewer, 3D Weather Graph, Calendar, Weather, Wireless switchers, Birthdays, and many moreā€¦
  8. Idle animation for widgets and panels
  9. Show all features to your friend without touching a screen

Visit : SPB Shell 3D for android


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