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Top 10 call forwarding apps for android

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As per Wikipedia Say :

Call forwarding (or call diversion), in telephony, is a feature on some telephone networks which let an incoming call to a called party to be redirected to a third party. For example, the third party may be a mobile telephone, voicemail box or other telephone number where the desired called party is situated.

it is very important to have phone calls and Text messages forwarded from one phone to another in Today’s World. However, dealing with your service provider isn’t always the easiest means to get things done. Having a quick and easy way to forward all your calls and Text messages to other numbers can make your mobile life a lot more efficient and simple. That’s why here is a 10 useful Call forwarding apps for Android.

  1. Simple Call Forwarding

    Simple Call Forwarding app

    Simple Call Forwarding apps

    Simple Call Forwarding is a Call Forwarding Apps for android. it available as widget in your android phone, so you can instantly activate and deactivate the call forwarding in 1 Click. it provide support for all standard call forwarding like instantly forward all incoming calls without ringing first. it automatically Setup configuration on first use of the widget, after that you can customize the setting as per your requirement by opening the application from the launcher. – Simple Call Forwarding

  2. RedirectCall-call forwarding

    RedirectCall-call forwarding app

    RedirectCall make it easy call forwarding by activating and deactivating the features. no matter if you are using the android widget or starting the application from the home screen. just enter your Phone number and choose the delay for activating the call forwarding. – RedirectCall-call forwarding

  3. Remote Call Forward

    Remote Call Forward

    Remote Call Forward is a one of the best Android call forwarding apps that allow you to remotely forward all your calls and messages to any phone you selected by sending a simple text message from any phone to your android smartphone. Once you get your phone back just click a button to cancel the call and/or text forwarding. – Remote Call Forward

  4. Last Call Forward

    Last Call Forward

    Last Call Forward help you to forward all your calls to another phone when your battery is discharged. it constantly monitor your phone battery level, and if it drops below the defined level, it’ll forward all your calls to another phone. it’s an ideal call forwarding apps for people, who constantly forget to charge their phone. – Last Call Forward

  5. Quick Forward Sprint

    Quick Forward Sprint

    Quick Forward Sprint is a 1 touch call forwarding apps for Sprint android Phones to forward all your phones calls and messages to your home, office or any other phones. just type your Phone number in to forward to in the QuickForward applcation. Create a shortcut and a click on the icon turns on call forwarding and again click on the icon turns off the call forwarding. Now provide support for more then 3 custom profiles and allow you to create custom name for each profile. – Quick Forward Sprint

  6. QuickCallForward


    QuickCallForward android apps

    With QuickCallForward, you can manage all your call forward, when you don’t want to/can’t carry your phone with you or you will have no signal where you are going. it has 3 different type of home screen widgets such as activation, cancellation or toggle and easy to create multiple call forward locations such as Home, Office and any other place and assign them to any or all of four call forwarding types – All calls, When Call Busy, When There is No Answer and When Phone Number unreachable. – QuickCallForward

  7. Phone Forward MKV

    Phone Forward MKV android app

    Phone Forward MKV apps

    With Phone Forward MKV, Forward all your text messages and Call logs without User intervention  – Phone Forward MKV

  8. Call and SMS Forwarding Lite

    Call and SMS Forwarding Lite

    Call and SMS Forwarding Lite is a free version of Call and SMS Forwarding premium that allow you to forward all your Calls and SMS to your multiple Emails accounts. All you need to do just enter your Gmail account to use this application. With Lite version you can only forward calls or SMS.  – Call and SMS Forwarding Lite

  9. Phone Forward Lite

    Phone Forward Lite

    Phone Forward Lite work similar like Call and SMS Forwarding Lite Apps. When ever you forget your phone at home, This app lets you forward all your incoming calls or text messages to your selected any phone through email or SMS. – Phone Forward Lite

  10. Fast Forward

    call forwarding apps for android

    Fast Forward allow you to instantly setup conditional call forwarding that forward all your Calls to the user-defined number when the call is not answered, or the cell phone is out of service.  – Fast Forward

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