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Top 6 free FTP Clients For Android

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It’s no more a new thing to notify that Android is the best mobile operating system. Just point over your browser to Google Play and you will find the reason of Android for being too much popular. You must have tried different apps of different categories on your Android based smartphone or tablet till date. But did you ever hear of FTP clients for Android?

Well, it not, then you don’t need to browse the internet for this as I am providing the list of best FTP clients here in this article.

  1. AndFTP

    andftp Top 6 free FTP Clients For Android

    With this client, all the FTP configurations are totally in your hand. This is like ‘All In One’ FTP Client app, as it has the option of using FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP protocols from the single place and you can easily switch between protocols with the easy to use Menu bar. – AndFTP

  2. WM FTP Client

    WM FTP Client Top 6 free FTP Clients For Android

    It comes from the house of WinDev and later on it was edited by PC SOFT. The FTP client comes with all basic and advanced features that any FTP client must have, but the main benefit of using this app on your Android, is that you need not be tech expert to use this. it has simple yet easy to use user interface that allow you to easily interact with an FTP server from your android mobile or your tablet. You can send files, download or upload files, can delete edit or create new files and that all from this single FTP app. Moreover, this one is free to download and use and can be got from Google Play. – WM FTP Client

  3. FtpCafe FTP Client

    FtpCafe FTP Client Top 6 free FTP Clients For Android

    FtpCafe is a popular android FTP Client has been downloaded thousands times from the Google Play and it clearly speaks the features of this awesome FTP client. The major benefit of using this app is that it offers many protocols which we can use for all our file related tasks. We can download or upload files, send files to others, can change the type or rename the files and that all, while on the move, using this FtpCafe FTP Client on our Android devices. This app supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS protocols. Also, resume the broken downloads is also part of its features list. – FtpCafe FTP Client Pro

  4. NRFTP

    NRFTP - Top 6 free FTP Clients For Android

    Yet another simple but useful FTP client for android. it offer all basic features like file sharing, downloading, uploading, editing etc. from your Android based smartphone or tablet. But the main benefit of using this app is that during all the processes, the time duration is shown. So you can have a basic idea of time consumption on any particular FTP task. – NRFTP

  5. AntTek FTP/FTPs/SFTP Client

    AntTek FTP Client Top 6 free FTP Clients For Android

    AntTek FTP is a simple FTP plugin for AntTek File Explorer. With this apps user can easily browse content from any protocols such as FTP/FTPs/STFP protocols and also stream music, videos from any remote server directly from your android devices. The user interface is highly configurable and provide support for “drag & drop anywhere” feature. – AntTek FTP/FTPs/SFTP Client

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