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Touchqode – Mobile source code editor for android

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Touchqode is a unique mobile source code editor and integrated development environment (IDE) for android that allow user to view, edit and fix their source code directly from mobile devices at anytime from anywhere.

Touchqode give you all basic features of desktop IDE on your mobile devices such as syntax highlighting, autocomplete, code suggestions and many more. Also provide support for all major programming language like Java, HTML, JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, Ruby and PHP.

Touchqode - Mobile source code editor for android

Touchqode have dual mode user interface, where view mode allows users to view source code and text and edit mode help you to edit the source code. it’s an best alternative code editor for vim or emacs over the terminal. User can use Touchqode as text editor, notepad or HTML editor.

Touchqode - Mobile code editor for android

Features of Touchqode

  1. syntax highlighting
  2. Enhanced Search
  3. running simple scripts
  4. code suggestions and Auto completion
  5. File synchronization
  6. developer’s keyboard
  7. integrated FTP and SFTP client

Download : touchqode mobile code editor

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