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8 Useful Video Chat Application for Android

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The new way to communicate with your friends is now via Video Chat. The 3G and 4G connectivity have now made it possible to video chat through your smartphones. There are a lot of video chat applications which are available for Android in the Google Play market. Today, we are going to share some of the best Video Chat applications which you can use on your Android smartphone.


  1. Skype

    Skype is a great app which is used by a lot of PC users and is also available for smartphones. There are over 250 million users who are using Skype right now. Communicate by sending an instant message, video call or by making a voice call by using Skype and that too for free of cost. All the video calls, voice calls and instant messages which you make via Skype are absolutely free. If you want to dial a landline or send an SMS to one, you can do that easily as it is cheaper to call or send an SMS on landline using Skype as compared to other ways of communicating. Clicked a great picture? Skype those over to your friends and family members using the Skype app. Skype is not only available for Android smartphones but also for tablets, PCs and even TV. – skype for Android

  2. Fring – Free Group Video Chat

    A great app which will easily help you to communicate with your friends is Fring. Make video calls, voice calls for free to your friends and family members. Use the group calling feature to call four friends at the same time. Fring works on DVQ technology which gives you the best calling experience and delivers the best video quality on your Android smartphones. You can even use Fring on your Symbian smartphones. Fring is a cheaper way to communicate with your friends and family members who are using a landline connection. – fring for android

  3. Tango Mobile Video Chat

    Tango is the best social messaging & entertainment app which is used by more than 130 million people. Most of the video calling clients which are available for Android give you basic features of making voice, video calls for free, but you can get extra entertainment in Tango. You can even play games in Tango. Just install the app and your account will be created in a few seconds. You need not to remember your login credentials, as those are not required for setting up your account. Tango will analyze your contact list and will add all your friends in your Tango list who are already using Tango. Add photos, status to your profile to make it look peppier. You can chat with up to 50 friends using the Group Chat feature. Add funny animations to your instant messages by choosing from a wide range of animations. – Tango for Android

  4. Qik Video Chat

    Share all your favorite videos with your friends, family members using Qik Video. It is a great video chat client available for Android smartphones. Share videos directly from Qik Video to your favorite social networking sites. You can also e-mail videos to your friends using the Video Mail feature. Watch videos from Facebook, twitter as using Qik Video you can do live streaming of your videos. Qik Video supports feeds and will notify you each time when a contact of yours has added a new video. Once you have installed Qik Video, it will automatically add all the contacts to the app which are using Qik Video on their Android smartphones. You can even protect your videos by uploading them to cloud websites using Qik Video. – Qik Video for Android

  5. Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts is a free video calling and messaging app which you can use with your Android smartphones. The best feature about Google Hangouts is that you can add a lot of your friends and send pictures and do chat at one place, thus hangout with all your friends at one place. You can add 10 friends to your Hangout. It’s a great way if you not only want to communicate with your friends but also for communicating with your clients for giving them a presentation. You can also do video calling and voice calling using Google Hangouts app. – Google Hangouts for Android

  6. ooVoo – Video Chat App for Android

    A Video chat app with stunning looks and great user interface . Easily call up to 12 people at the same time using ooVoo. There are over 80 million users who are using ooVoo. Normally, you can update your status by typing text, but in ooVoo you can add video status messages to your profile. Add your top 5 contacts to your speed dial and access them just by a single tap. Search for all your friends who are in your social networking sites friends lists and are present in your contact list. If you want to cherish your moments which you spent once with your friends, you can do that by having a look at the conversations you did with your friends. – ooVoo for Android

  7. Camfrog Video Chat App

    If you like to communicate with random people by visiting chat rooms you should try Camfrog, an Android app which will not only allow you to do video chat with your friends but also is a gateway to thousands of video chat rooms. Make new friends, chat with them, video call them using Camfrog. Camfrog is also available for other platforms and you can even use it on your PC or Mac. – Camfrog Video Chat for Android

  8. Paltalk – Video Chat Application for Android

    Another app which will serve as a gateway to video chat rooms is Palltalk. There are a lot of different groups which are present in this app. Meet new people, sing karaoke in front of them or if you like to put up your views on a debate which is already going on, do that using Paltalk. There are over 5,000 different chat rooms available in this app. unfortunately; you can only add up to 3 friends at once to make a group video chat. Paltalk is available for free and you can use it on other platforms too. You can use 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity to get updates at all times.  – Paltalk Video Chat for Android

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