Best Development Tools (dev-tools)

XtGem – Visual mobile site builder and WAP creator

XtGem is a free visual mobile website builder and WAP creator that help you to create your website or blog more mobile friendly and make them instantly load on any mobile devices.

Create mobile friendly website with Wirenode

Wirenode is a one of the best mobile website builder used by many popular companies such as Ford, Nokia, Vodafone, O2 and Reebok to build their mobile websites and content rich mobile pages.

Mippin App Factory mobile apps builder

Mippin App Factory is a mobile application development tool that let you create a native mobile apps for any platform such as iPhone, Android & windows phone 7.

25 useful iPad apps for Business management

iPad apps for Business. iPad is changing the way companies do business. it makes it easy to deliver stunning presentations, collaborate with colleagues remotely, and provide easy access to important business documents wherever you are.

7 free and Open Source java Groupware Software

7 free and Open Source java Groupware Software,. A Groupware is a software program that allow multiple people to work together on the same project in a simple and more productive way while located remotely from each other.

Top 10 Code Snippets manager for Mac

code snippets manager is an application that store reusable source code within a user friendly interface that make it easy and speedy process of coding. Here is a Top 10 Code Snippets manager and Sharing Apps for Mac.

code snippet manager for Mac OS X – CodeBox

code snippet manager for Mac OS X – CodeBox. Codebox is a user-friendly application to manage the snippet libraries of the users in MAC App store. With this application, the users can easily copy snippets from Codebar and can paste them instantly in the ‘preferences’ menu.

Usability Testing : 13 most useful and simple Usability Testing software

Usability Testing : Here is 13 most useful and simple Usability Testing software for webmaster, designers and usability experts to improve site user experience in less time.

Userfly – Online Usability Testing Tool

Userfly is a Usability testing tool for websites that run instant usability test on your websites and give you highly detail information about site usability such as users’ browsing sessions to analyze their behavior and optimize your forms, website landing page and improve conversion rates.

MyDB Studio – Free MySQL Administration tool

MyDB Studio is a Free MySQL Administration tool with SSH tunneling support that offer secure connection even your host doesn’t offer you remote access connection.