Best Scripts and software

Prezi – online zooming presentation editor

Prezi is a Unique Flash-based online zooming presentation editor that allow user to create non-linear presentations where you can zoom in and zoom out your visual map containing all of your information like; words, links, images, videos,

BusyCal – Calendar and To Do List Manager for Mac OS X

BusyCal is an desktop calendar for Mac OS X that allow you to schedule your events and sync calendars with different mobile applications such as MobileMe, Google Calendars , the iPhone, and with other Macs applications .

HipCal online calendar, to-list, and address book

HipCal is an online calendar where you can schedule your events and to do lists. The HipCal site lets you schedule events and organize work through the online calendar feature and the planed occasions on the calendar site.

Design your floor plans with Floorplanner interior design software

Floorplanner is an effective design tool for your home. With the different features and applications, you can get a design of your home to either built it or renovate it. Apart from that, you can use Floorplanner to get your business starting away with floor planner designs for your customers.

30 Boxes online calendar

30boxes is an online calendar site where you can create events and occasions and schedule them in your personal account calendar you get there. The website offers different features to create events scheduler to help you remember them and attend them without any hassle.

Plan your events, meetings and tasks with SUI Calendar

SUI Calendar is a very efficient tool to plan and schedule meetings, tasks and events. Not only this, you can comment on each other’s schedules and appointments by using SUI Calendar.

VP Factory- online video platform

VP Factory is a simple, fast online video platform. It has user friendly features that make sharing of videos extremely easy. With VP Factory you do not have to wait for hours for streaming of your videos. VP Factory streams video in less than 5 minutes.

movavi- Free Online Video Converter

Movavi Online is an easy to use free online video converter aimed at meeting all your video conversion needs. Movavi enables you to download videos from popular video sharing sites in your desired format.

Awayfind – Get Notified With Important E-Mails Wherever You Are

AwayFind is an easy to use web application that relieves all your email worries. AwayFind is like an aide for your email, it delivers vital messages while ignoring emails that are not important based on your specified criteria.

Nicereply – Email Reply Tracking tool

Nicereply assists you personally in transforming your emails communication into customer satisfaction and feedback center. Nicereply makes communication through emails easier and attracts more feedback from customers.