Best Software for personal and office Use

Convert HTML document to PDF, Excel and XML document to PDF or XLS with Docraptor

Docraptor enables the creation of PDF as well as full XLS documents for users who works with the basic HTML knowledge. The HTML coding is pretty simple to write and has relieved the users from using the boring Java development through the use of this application.

Wakerupper – Web based telephone reminder tool

Wakerupper – Web based telephone reminder tool Wakerupper thus provides a way out for the users to synchronize the time table over telephones.

Synqit – Import your Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook contacts into Skype

Synqit is a software that allow you to import your important Contacts from various address book such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo!, Plaxo, MemoToo and also from your own Mobile phones diary into Skype.

Back up Gmail and Google Apps account with Gmail Keeper Gmail backup tool

Gmail Keeper Gmail backup tool. Gmail keeper is not an email program by default, it’s an lightweight webmail backup software specifically developed for Gmail and Google Apps users,

share iCal calendars with family or coworkers on your LAN with Busysync

Busysync is up till now such a mechanism that will cause you to think “how could apple miss such an idea?” It’s manageable in terms of setting up several ical calendars amidst various computers at home and workplace network.

MigrationBox – online migration tool for Google Apps

MigrationBox is an online migration tool that allow you to easily transfer of all e-mails from the account of one user to another. Even e-mail transfer between any two of the Gmail accounts is possible with the aid of this tool.

manage your task list without leaving Gmail with clearmyinbox

Clearmyinbox is a plugin for web browser (specially for Chrome and Firefox) that enhanced Gmail user experience by providing a fast an easy way to convert inbound emails into tasks so that you are able to archive or delete your original message and remove it from your inbox.

FormMate – PDF editing tool

The FormMate allows you to download or open any forms in mainly available in PDF formats and then fill up the necessary fields accordingly (offline), and further use it for, faxing, printing, emailing the whole and most importantly saving it on your local disk.

MailTab for Gmail – Ultimate Gmail App for Mac

MailTab for Gmail is a free Gmail App for Mac so downloading is done without charge and then benefits are obtained from both audio and visual mail notifications, accession of your inbox very quickly and also backed by the ability of responding to mails

Syncany – open source cloud storage and file sharing application

Syncany is nothing but an open source cloud storage and file sharing application that provides huge storage space for storing wide range of data as well as file sharing application.