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AtomSite – Standard based online publishing platform/blog engine

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AtomSite is a standard based ASP.net powered online publishing platform and blog engine. it’s a free and open source online publishing platform built with using latest ASP.net web framework. it has flexible design that allows you to stored your data in flat files as well as in databases.


AtomSite is mainly written in C# 3.5 and uses the new ASP.NET MVC framework, and relies heavily on LINQ and other new language features. it’s specially design to provide solid website platform (such as WordPress) for .NET and AtomPub users. User can run multiple websites and blogs on a single code base and database. it also has a robust role and action matrix for granular control over authorization. Actions can be controlled at three scopes: service, workspace, or collection.

Features of AtomSite

  1. AtomSite Manager (WordPress-like administration)
  2. Provide support for CDN and asset combination and minification
  3. Windows Live Writer support
  4. Multiple authors and contributors per collection
  5. Dated or undated collections
  6. Allow or disallow anonymous comments
  7. Multiple approval modes
  8. Workspace at subdomain, folder, or application Levels
  9. Secure AtomPub communication
  10. Basic authentication
  11. Flexible theme system
  12. Support for BlogML plugin, Twitter plugin

Download : AtomSite


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