Docebo – Open Source e-Learning platform

Docebo is an open source Powerful, flexible, easy to use e-Learning platform ( learning management system) used in corporate and higher education markets. it mainly focus on provide high quality integrated services for Corporate development projects based on Docebo LMS.

Docebo lms - Open Source e-Learning platform

The e-learning platform support Scorm 1.2 and manage more than 50 functions Including: Blended, Self-Directed, Collaborative and even Social Learning through Chat, Wiki, Forums. The LCMS use a Tree approach for web pages creation. All has been translated in 9 languages. Free help desk is provided by a forum, a FAQ area and through free online courses.

Features of Docebo

  1. Scorm 1.2 and 2004 support
  2. Forum, wiki, chat, videoconference (DimDim and Teleskill)
  3. PHP5 Support
  4. WAI accessibility specification
  5. Pages organized in a tree approach
  6. Completely customizable report and business intelligence system
  7. Pages and functions allowed only to certain groups
  8. allow to send SMS
  9. Custom catalogation fields
  10. Users can be organized in a tree
  11. Optimization for search engine trough the mod_rewrite function
  12. Language customization and import/export via web interface

Download: Docebo LCMS

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  1. Docebo – Open Source e-Learning platform

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  3. Docebo – Open Source e-Learning platform

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