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FlatPress – open-source databaseless extensible blogging platform

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FlatPress is a open source Multilanguage supported standard-compliant content management system which does not require any database Management System to work.

FlatPress - open-source databaseless CMS

It’s a new databaseless blog engine which stores all of its content on text files. It directly Written from scratch and provide same plugin interface as WordPress and plain compatibility with SimplePHPBlog stored entries. Plus, a template based themes engine allow you to customize your blog visual appearance, and full conformance to web standards and usability.

Features of Flatpress:

  • Standard-compliant (XHTML valid)
  • Plugin support
  • Widget system
  • Easy to customize with themes (powered by Smarty template engine)
  • Store your data on text files
  • Requires PHP4 or higher

Website : FlatPress | Download: FlatPress


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