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Lumzy – Mockup and Prototype creation tool for websites and applications

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If you are a software designer or developer, then you can have Lumzy handy when you want to showcase your clients how the final website or application will look and function. Lumzy Professional is the Online Mockup and Prototype creation tool for instantly creating a mock-up of the apps and sites that are to be developed. It also helps in prototyping by allowing you to add events to the controls. In short, Lumzy Pro lets you to display a quick sketch or blueprint of the website or application while it is in its development stage by giving the client a quick view of it.

Lumzy - Mockup and Prototype creation tool

This tool has many other features that spices up its main functionalities. It is fast and easy to use, has a simple user interface and robust development environment. Help support is provided for the new users along with contact support. Last but not the least, it is absolutely free for everyone to use.

When you launch Lumzy Pro, you get a work space with a menu bar, standard toolbar and controls or icons panel. You are asked to fill new project title and page title. You can create a new project or open an existing project. You can start by placing controls on the page by simple ‘drag and drop’ feature. At the same time, you are shown a window to adjust properties and create events for those controls. The keyboard support (Ctrl + X, C, V, P, L etc.) and undo function makes work quicker. When the project is in development stage, you can save it and continue it later on.

The different menus, tools and buttons provided make your work easy. The ‘Expand’ option on the canvas when clicked, gives a better view of the page by expanding to screen size. The ‘Simulate’ button shows a simulated interface of project. The ‘Change Skin’ allows choosing from multiple skins and themes for the application or site and these themes can be changed as and when required. In the menu bar,

  1. Versions : facilitates in saving different versions for the product in different stages. So you can choose a prior file version at any time.
  2. Export – supports us by creating a mock-up of multiple image files (Jpeg, PNG) or single paged PDF file or slideshow of product to export to clients as email attachments or direct link
  3. Share – allows to send mock-ups to clients and colleagues for seeing and testing purposes by emailing, posting on web or collaboration
  4. Logs and Chats – for collaborating and chatting with clients and participants during development and for editing the project online in real time. This is integrated into the same window so there is no need to switch between live chat and project development workspace
  5. Print – helps to get clear vector prints of the your mock-ups

Other features

  1. No file extension or file types so there is no need to find relevant software to open the file. It simply opens with a link
  2. Collaborators and participants can be added which helps in team editing with full privileges
  3. Quick Drag n’ Drop with Keyboard Support
  4. Mockup Versioning
  5. Mock-ups can be accessed by the developer from anywhere on the web by providing username and password
  6. The integrated discussion tool allows participants and collaborators to add comments, annotations and sketches to the project from the Lumzy player
  7. Drawing tools and freehand tools can be used to draw custom shapes. The pen tools are also available to mark or round up where ever changes are needed
  8. 50 different controls to choose from
  9. Built-in image editor for editing, resizing images and applying filters to them

Download : http://www.lumzy.com/

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