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Create mobile website with Ma.rs

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Ma.rs allows you to design mobile websites and web pages. You do not need to acquire new programming skills to start using this software. It has simple features that can be used by anyone. All applications created with Ma.rs are supported by multiple platforms and does not show preference for any particular Operating System. With the fast rising mobile population tools like Ma.rs will find great utility. It allows users to gain exposure to high quality technology. It transforms a mobile device into a computer.

mobile website with Mars

Ma.rs has a easy to user interface. Most of its features can be accessed using the simple Drag and Drop technique. Ma.rs helps you to create applications that have a high level of versatility. QR codes help these mobile sites can be in ad spaces as complementary objects along with any of the old advertising media such as television and newspapers.

There are 3 versions of Ma.rs basic, Business and agency costing $30, $70 and $450 a month respectively. There is also a free plan which allows limited usage. You simply need to create registered account in the official website of Ma.rs to start availing the various features of this software. This mobile marketing platform sends notifications to your clients and also tracks your conversations with them. You can make your mobile site public almost instantly after you have created it. Using Ma.rs you can endorse your products or services very easily.

Features of Ma.rs

  1. You can reach out to your potential customers using mobile applications more effectively than you can through a website. The number of mobile users obviously exceeds the number of internet users.
  2. You can create one product sites for mobile devices using this software. This makes your campaign more effective and it helps to deliver useful information to your customers more quickly.
  3. To create your mobile website a wide range of static and dynamic modules are made available to you. You just need to select one of those and drag and drop them into your workspace.
  4. Ma.rs website can be accessed from almost all types of mobile devices. It is also compatible with all operating systems.
  5. Ma.rs web panel allows you to communicate with your customers from all over the world. It manages mobile content efficiently.
  6. Ma.rs allows you to publish your mobile content using QR codes and SMSs with just few mouse clicks. You can also customize your mobile contents and give them a desired appearance. You can also insert geographic locations in order to locate your customers.
  7. Analysis of data is also allowed by Ma.rs. You can collect detailed information about your customers. You can also keep track of the devices being used by your customers.

Ma.rs is a cost effective and easy to use tool for creating mobile websites and promoting your products. Mobile websites have become one of the most prominent resources of promotion nowadays and therefore Ma.rs is a worthy purchase.

Download : ma.rs

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