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Prototype Composer – free Apps visualization and Prototyping tool

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Prototype Composer is a free Apps visualization and prototyping tool that makes it easy for business users and business analysts to quickly turn their user stories and requirements into wireframes or high-fidelity prototypes – that perfectly simulate to real working application, because the prototypes aren’t static, tweaks can be made on the fly, maximizing the impact of precious testing time.

Prototype Composer - Apps visualization - Prototyping tool

It has simple, easy to use full palette of user interface control where user can manage site prototype by using Composer’s drag and drop interface, or by importing existing Web applications through the point-and-click Web Capture utility. A layout control panels makes it easy to create interactive pages, forms, or other application elements.

Instead of writing seemingly endless lists of requirements in Microsoft Word or Excel, Prototype Composer makes it simple to capture requirements visually. As you enter requirements, you can connect them directly to the visual model so that you can be sure everyone will know exactly what needs to be done to meet requirements.

Features of Prototype Composer

  1. Get business requirements right
  2. Design interactions for specific user types
  3. test prototype usability before coding starts
  4. Stop writing endless requirements documents in Microsoft Word or Excel
  5. Model applications that draw on real life data.
  6. gain stakeholder approval faster with less confusion
  7. Move seamlessly from prototype to application development

Download : http://www.serena.com

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