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5 Tools for Collaborative Web Design

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In the age of Agile and Lean Startup methodologies collaboration matters more than ever. Designers, developers, marketing specialists, product managers… should all work together to create stunning products. Here is a 5 useful tools below will certainly help team members to achieve great successes. Enjoy!

  1. UXPin

    UXPin 5 Tools for Collaborative Web Design

    UXPin team started with paper prototyping notepads, which immediately became popular. Their new product is a first ever complete User Experience Design tool. Invite your team, create wireframes, discuss Business Model Canvas, Personas, Diagrams, or even visual design, together. Everything that considers design is in one place, structured as a consistent story. Your team will be finally able to participate in the design process. What’s more – this tool can convert paper prototypes into digital wireframes. – UXPin

  2. Trajectory

    Trajectory 5 Tools for Collaborative Web Design

    Trajectory is an agile project management tool that is strictly focused on collaboration between designers and programmers. Finally your team will be united! it’s a good software for writing user stories, bugs, and to-dos but was also really good for discussion. User can discuss their problem here based on that discussion trajectory solves both these problems. – Trajectory

  3. Lovely Charts

    lovely charts 5 Tools for Collaborative Web Design

    Diagrams are important part of Web Design process and there’s, in my opinion, no easier way to do them than lovely charts. Great tool with online, iPad and desktop version. When you’ll start using it, you won’t stop. Lovely Charts is a diagramming apps that allow you to create professionally designed diagrams of all types, such as flowcharts, sitemaps, business processes, organization charts, wireframes and many more…. Lovely Charts

  4. Notable

    notable 5 Tools for Collaborative Web Design

    Ever had problems with going through dozens of e-mails with comments on you last design? Oh yeah… that’s a tough one. With Notable you’ll forget about it quickly. Your teammates and clients will be able to comment on your designs online. Notable let you take any webpage screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. You can quickly reply, vote or suggest a better idea. – Notable

  5. InvisionApp

    invisionapps 5 Tools for Collaborative Web Design

    With InvisionApp you can create fully interactive wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes out of your visual design files. just upload .jpg, .png or .gif files and start collaboration with other designer whether internal or external. InvisionApp

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