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3D RAD – Free 3D game development tool

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3D RAD is a freeware 3D game development tool that allow you to create 3d games, interactive 3d applications and physics-based simulations for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. With 3D RAD, User can create complex 3D projects with minimal scripting.

3D RAD - Free 3D Game Maker

it’s free 3D game development tool that mainly focus on to provide easy to use simple developing workflow as possible, without sacrificing flexibility. the editor is based on a collection of intelligent components (called ‘objects’) that can be combined and configured to interact in various ways.

3D Rad supports 3d models in DirectX file format. Supported texture formats are BMP, JPG, DDS, PNG, TGA. 3D animations can be bone (skeletal) based or frame-by-frame based. Multiple animation sets are also supported.

Download: 3D RAD – Free 3D Game Maker

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