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4Pane – Highly configurable Linux four pane detailed-list file manager

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4Pane, a multi pane file manager has been developed to maintain and organize lists of details for your Linux system. 4Pane has been strategically designed to work efficiently without distends and it opts for fast pace over visual effects.

4Pane - multi-pane detailed-list file manager for Linux

Along with the basic managerial features of a file manager 4Pane provides with quite a few edit options of many functions even deletions of any work and multiple undo and redo for most operations.

It also includes effective documentation management that includes ‘virtual browsing’ within records, multiple copying and replication of files, and user-friendly devices.

4Pane has been created and tested on almost all the Linux versions, by means of both recent and previous editions. Even though 4Pane consists of a GTK -type appearance it is not attached to some specific desktop.

4Pane provides you with an detailed guide, which you can also view online. The online edition gives you additional images too.

If you go through the Screenshots available on the official website you will see that its display has a split that gives you one left index tree-view and another right index outlook that illustrates files and directories mutually.

There are generally two such identical displayed panes. Almost all the features and configurations of 4Pane can be customized according to your preference.

Features of 4Pane :

4Pane has a wide range of features that enhance the file managing abilities of your system. These features include:

  1. 4Pane is a Highly configurable multi pane file manager and works efficiently as a file manager. It is planned to be completely featured without any obstacles.
  2. It consists of almost all the customary file manager skills. For example Moving of files are presented. It is made simpler using the twofold twin-pane set-up. You are allowed to show the resource and destination index simultaneously irrespective of the location of the directories within your file structure.
  3. The terms of Bookmarks makes the navigation around your folder system much easier. 4Pane also includes easy following GoTo keys, and comprises of an archive storing history of "Recently-visited directories".
  4. With 4Pane you get the scope to edit, undo, redo or even delete all your creations and inputs easily.
  5. You can create and extract gzip, bzip2 and zip records in a standard manner. On the other hand, you can browse through archives or records, alter the contents of those archives, read or initiate character files too. You can access all these functions with no need to open the records.
  6. With 4Pane you can go for several renaming or replication options of files. This can be done either by prepending or affixing, increasing or by means of Regular Expressions.
  7. You are allowed to expand 4Pane by customizing your individual user-defined applications.
  8. Almost all the features of 4Pane other than the twofold twin-pane are customizable. Thus you can add configurations according to your needs. You are also allowed to create shortcuts and consoles of your choice through 4Pane.
  9. 4Pane’s toolbar icon can access any elevated tool easily as well.

Thus, you can check out 4Pane for better file management options.

Download : 4Pane

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