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Acceleo – open source code generator for transforming models into code

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Acceleo is an open source Code generator for transforming models into code (MDA approach) based on the Eclipse platform. it’s an open source software, it means user can easily modify them as per there requirement according to the module license.


Acceleo is easy to use. It provides "off the shelf" generators (JEE, .Net, Php…) and the Acceleo template editor is associated with Acceleo source files (.mtl files) and provides all the features of a modern programming editor to make you more productive when developing code generation modules.

Features of Acceleo

  • Integration within eclipse: Acceleo is natively integrated with eclipse. It is completely merged with its interface for better efficiency and user experience.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • meta-model and scripts based completion
  • real time error detection
  • real time preview
  • Development cycle management
  • Ability to cope with high level abstract models
  • compatibility, interoperability and durability

Download: http://www.acceleo.org/pages/download-acceleo/en

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