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core-plot – Cocoa plotting framework for Mac OS X and iPhone/iPod Touch application

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core-plot is a free and open source Cocoa plotting library for Mac OS X and iPhone/iPod Touch applications. It provides 2D visualization of data on your iPhone/iPod Touch application, and is tightly integrated with Apple technologies like Core Animation, Core Data, and Cocoa Bindings.

core plot

Features of core-plot

  1. The library is completely based on Core Animation (CALayer), rather than NSView or UIView. Will run on Mac and iPhone.
  2. Cool animations will be built into the framework from the beginning. example : transitions, builds.
  3. Support for All standard 2D graphs: xy scatter, bar, even contour and image map
  4. Provide Layouts for multiple graphs
  5. Possibly equation typesetting
  6. Support for Text and image annotations

Download : core-plot

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