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Plotkit – Chart and Graph Plotting Library for JavaScript

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Plotkit is an easy to use Chart Plotting library for JavaScript that support for HTML canvas tag and SVG via  Adobe SVG viewer and runs entirely on the client side. It’s a fully documented chart plotting library that provide some useful quick tutorials to get started with Plotkit.

PlotKit Javascript Chart Plotting library

Plotkit is a cross browser compatible Chart Plotting Library that work perfectly on all major web browser such as Internet Explorer 6,7 ( with ExplorerCanvas), Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Requirement :

  1. MochiKit 1.3 or higher
  2. HTML Canvas: Safari 2+, Opera 9+, Firefox 1.5+, IE 6 (in emulated mode)
  3. SVG: Opera 9+, Firefox 1.5+ (see note), IE6 with Adobe SVG.

Download : PlotKit

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