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Crystal Space – full-featured software development kit (SDK) for create real-time 3D graphics

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Crystal Space is a open source, fully featured software development kit (SDK) for create real-time 3D graphics for applications such as games and virtual reality. It’s highly configurable, modular and extensible 3D rendering engine supporting OpenGL and advanced features such as shaders and lighting systems, physics, 3D sounds, animation blending, foliage, terrain, virtual file system, physical peripherals, and more.

Crystal Space - 3D SDK for create real-time 3D graphics

Crystal Space is a multiplatform software development kit which provide support for all current major platforms – Windows, Linux, MacOS/X operating systems and x86, AMD64, PowerPC processors. Though written in C++, other languages like Python can also be used to write programs. It is free software, licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License, (LGPL).

Features of Crystal Space :

  • Flexible plugin system
  • Sound and 3D sound support
  • OpenGL and advanced shader support using CG
  • Physics using Bullet or ODE plugins
  • Terrain engine
  • Support for Particle systems
  • Skeletal animation system
  • GUI integration with CEGUI
  • XML format
  • Very well supported scripting engine with Python and Java

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