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6 useful Java Forum Software

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Forums can be a great way to encourage your visitor participation and make a platform where your visitor or user can discuss their issues and hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

it’s totally different from the chat rooms. forums or discussion board available in hierarchical or tree-like in structure. it contain various subgroups and each subgroups have there own several topics.

Each new Topic or discussion started is called a thread. anyone can post their comments or discuss issue on this thread.

Here is 6 simple and useful java forum software that change your website from a one dimensional entity into a full fledged community site.

  1. JForum – multi-threaded forum software

    jForum is a one of the most powerful, robust, database-independent, and multi-threaded forum software and discussion board written in Java. it has an easy to use, user friendly administrative panel and efficient forum engine that give you unlimited forums solution, categories, and topics, email notification and private messages give you instant update about your topics and rank them with user ranking. Its clean design and implementation make JForum easy to customize and extend. – jforum

  2. JavaBB – Java based forum software and bulletin board

    JavaBB is a java based forum software and discussion board specially designed to create communities. feature included Flood Control, watch topic, Configuration file for custom changes, customizable CSS layout, forum category, Sticky posts and announcements, BBcode, locked threads, Pagination system, MemberList and private message system and much more.. – JavaBB

  3. jGossip – Simple Forum software based on J2EE platform

    jGossip is a simple forum software based on J2EE platform and the Struts framework. it provide all major forum features which you expected from any simple forum software like page navigation, Email notification, User administration. all major browser provide support for jGossip.  – jGossip forum software

  4. JsForum – java based forum software

    JsForum is a fully java based platform independent forum software ( bulletin board) written in JSP and servlets using the MVC framework Struts. features included categories, Forums, Topics, Massages and reply, Members administration, User groups, Administrators, Moderators, Users and Guests also every user have their own profile with signature, member title, avatar. – JsForum

  5. nemesis-forum

    nemesis- forum is a discussion board based on Java. features included users/groups and permissions management system, pre and post moderation for forum, Content Filter, integrated search engine and multi database support. – nemesis-forum java forum

  6. MVN Forum

    MvnForum is an easy to use, easy to setup , simple and open source forum software and bulletin board built purely on J2EE platform. – mvnForum

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