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Moovie – MooTools custom controls library for HTML 5 video player

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Moovie is a free MooTools custom controls library for HTML 5 video element . The library provide all standard interface features of a player such as Play, Pause, Stop, Advanced volume control and progress bar which also very similar to YouTube progress bar and volume control.

Moovie - MooTools HTML 5 video player

User can easily customized the video player through external CSS.If you want to exclude certain elements from the interface, simply add display: none;in your style sheet. additional features include: Play button on initial load, Buffering message when buffering, Replay button on video end if looping is off and there is no playlist provided, Cursor-tracking stream time indicator on progress bar, Previous/next buttons if playlist provided, Captions support, including language selection, Settings panel for enabling or disabling various options such as looping, captions and auto-hiding of controls bar and it also provide Debug mode: real-time information panel.

Moovie is a free custom controls library released under MIT License.

Website : MooTools HTML5 Video Player: Moovie

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