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Ragic – Web Database Application Builder

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Ragic is basically a Database Application Builder with light configuration that has been formatted in a way to make building database applications as easy as using spreadsheet.

Ragic Web Database Application Builder

Ragic aims at providing you with a faster and easier way of creating enterprise Web applications by providing spreadsheet style user interface as is the current working mechanism.

Ragic was initially launched as a data composition that was highly flexible and also a database component.

This data composition helps users to work freely without having to worry about other intricate details of design and patterns of data format.

However, with time the utility and preference for spreadsheets transform Ragic into a light weighted development tool having a spreadsheet interface that can fasten up the process of creating database applications.

The entire process of Ragic is very simple and flexible as it is not developed based upon any database table.

Features of Ragic

Ragic has been created with the objective of making database application development a smooth and faster process. This involves a number of useful features:

  1. Ragic consists of instant alerts that keep you up dated regarding any entry into your database in the form of emails. You are allowed to construct it as per your requirement.
  2. Ragic has not been developed only to save records but also to push up norm workflow proceedings to run authorization process and almost any work related activities you want it to. Even if Ragic Builder’s in built functions are unable to perform any trade related logical activity, these workflow line ups will make it up for Ragic.
  3. Database systems are best complemented by spreadsheets. You can download any data structure saved as Excel file document into Ragic Builder with a single mouse click on it.
  4. You can put update on your database as per batch just by an upload of your Excel files. This process is simple enough and all you need to do is follow an easy wizard and select update or create a new record option for the upload.
  5. Ragic aims to make Database application creation as simple as working on a spreadsheet. With Ragic developing complex datasheets having several details is remarkably simple.
  6. Ragic has a very dominant online dispensation engine for analytics, charts and rotate table tasks.
  7. Loading of AJAX is helpful in cases of inputting a quotation; select a customer along with his essential information.
  8. Ragic offers you with a commanding query capability that generally involves coding.
  9. Social Collaboration : With Ragic you can add your comments with attachment to all the entries. Using this commenting process, you are allowed to team up and thus maintain track of your conversation.
  10. You can select people according to your choice that will be able to view, read, create, write or review their own or your entries. Thus, you have the control to access.

Download : Ragic

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