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Rialto – an Ajax-enabled web application toolkit

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Rialto (Rich Internet Application Toolkit) is a cross browser Ajax based JavaScript widgets library. Because it is technology agnostic it can be encapsulated in any JSP, JSF, .Net or PHP graphic components. The widget library includes forms, drag & drop, tree, data list with fix header and resizable columns, pop up, splitter, and more.

Rialto - an Ajax-enabled web application toolkit

Rialto is a specially designed to provide ease the access to Rich Internet application development for corporate developers to develop only corporate web applications and not internet web sites. Ideally a Rialto developer have neither need to write or understand DHTML, Ajax, DOM code or RIA concepts. it also allow you to develop single page application, and is available under the open source Apache License.

Download : rialto-js-1.1.0.zip

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