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Sifter – Simple bug and issue tracker to help you get work done

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Sifter is a bug and issue tracking tool that has been developed by the LLC Next update in the year of 2008. The point is that the Next update is regarded as tiny software establishing company and they mainly concentrates on how to build up the fun factor in the whole prosaic walk procedure of your daily life.

Sifter bug and issue tracker

This whole effort is a unique quality that sifter has in it. It has got some determined and reserved users but that doesn’t mean those who are not regular to it won’t be able to use it, the interface is user friendly so that each and everyone can get benefited out of it.

The total system of sifter is an uncomplicated one the smooth mechanism makes it possible for the users to gain prominent way of communication so that it becomes effortless for the specialized executives to gain their data that they require from clients or officials belonging to some other section.

Stiffer is considered to be an accommodating bug and facts tracing system that helps you to slow down the sum of task that the professionals are required to finish it off. The main light is thrown upon the web builder and web site architect.

The task of assigning project to the subscribers and getting report of their assignment is being done in an easy method. You can post your newly amended fact that brings rest of the subscribers reporting the same issue on that very page.

The sifter is also applying the color indexing mechanism so that the users can mark their task which is of greater value and go through an issue at a go which is being established recently.

The sifter makes it possible for the organization to stay devoid of computer glitch while doing their task and manage the concerned tasks in relation to the software items.

The sifter is an efficiently managed system and the application being made for such purpose this quality is very much essential. It has three options to enlist your major concerns or issues as closed, resolved or open and it is being done with the help of simple radio switches and many more.

The whole layout is a simple one and soothing for the eyes and that renders a distinctive feature to the sifter and renders it a charisma. The alluring mechanism of the sifter makes it possible to finish off your task without becoming dull.

Features of Sifter bug tracking tool

  1. Judicious Notifications
  2. Handles Bugs and issues
  3. Daily summarized mails
  4. Create and Update via Email
  5. custom Categories
  6. Simple Statuses
  7. Priorities
  8. Assignees & Openers
  9. Powerful Filtering and bookmarking
  10. Bounce Handling
  11. SSL Security
  12. PCI Level 4 Compliant
  13. Security Screening done Quarterly
  14. Hourly Onsite Backups and Daily Offsite Backups
  15. Easy to Export Account and project Data via XML
  16. API Support

Download : Sifter bug and issue tracking

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