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Usaura – website usability testing

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Usaura is a website design Usability testing service that help you to find where is main problem arising on your application interface or website by running Usaura Usability test.

Usaura - website usability testing

The service offer various types of usability test, where you can ask your visitor to select which part of the design they most like by clicking the somewhere on the screenshot or offer multiple choice question to get user feedback on what design and iterations they like most.

Basically, Usaura Usability test is a based on Screenshot so test your UI sketches and prototypes and get valuable feedback before it goes live or even gets coded.

Currently Usaura provide support for JPG, GIF or PNG file format and upto 500 KB file size are allowed to upload with per test question per file.

Usaura is a web based Usability testing application, so no need to download or install any software to use Usaura usability test.

it has Clear and simple user interface that give you what you need and set the usability test within minute or two.

Features of Usaura Usability Test

  1. Upload your screenshot of website or sketches and ask feedback about your design from your visitor.
  2. Get instant reply from your visitor about problem areas on your website and app interfaces.
  3. Pick between design iterations using test data rather than guesswork
  4. Give you User guided design.
  5. Create new survey without registration
  6. Only registered user can access to test management dashboard.
  7. Share your test with your people by sending Link.
  8. Free online usability testing tool

Download : website usability testing – Usaura

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