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Userfly – Online Usability Testing Tool

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Userfly is a Usability testing tool for websites that run instant usability test on your websites and give you highly detail information about site usability such as users’ browsing sessions to analyze their behavior and optimize your forms, website landing page and improve conversion rates.

Userfly Usability testing

Userfly use real visitor of your site to monitor site usability and see how a real visitor interacts with your website and their behavior.

just paste given JavaScript code to your site source code and it will automatically start monitoring each and every scrolling, clicks, mouse movements and keystrokes that occurs within a browser by your visitor.

All your usability report available in video format so the user can easily playback them on a page by page basis that make easy for user to select a specific page and see how it was explored by the visitor.

Features of Userfly

  1. Just Drag and drop JavaScript code into your website and start monitoring site usability.
  2. Watch videos of each website real visitor’s interactions
  3. Support for Multiple Domains
  4. white label
  5. Ajax based monitoring and recording.
  6. Easy to download Videos
  7. Easy to highlight actions within Sessions

Download : Userfly Usability testing tool

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