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Visual WebGui – Ajax empowered web/cloud applications

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Visual WebGui is a free, open-source Cloud & Software as a service (SaaS) based application Platform for AJAX & Silverlight GUIs. The Platform give you new approach to develop web application exactly like you would develop desktop applications. Web complexities and hassles are abstracted away. No HTML Hell and No JavaScript spaghetti code.


Visual WebGui provides the best balance between development simplicity and the ability to create rich, intuitive UIs… and saving up to 90% on bandwidth and 50% on CPU usage. It empower core and web developers to develop data centric enterprise Ajax driven applications, in a simple way using Visual Basic and Window Forms visual drag & drop experience and skills.

Visual WebGui user interface (UI) is being virtualized on all common browsers and devices, including Silverlight and HTML 5, with no Visual WebGui specific client installation. By that Visual WebGui enables standard, multi-browsers and device accessibility and bullet proof security. In addition Visual WebGui benefits are implemented natively for Cloud applications development and deployment.

Visit: http://www.visualwebgui.com/

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