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BatchBook – Small business CRM and Shared address book

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Batchbook is lightweight, highly customizable, web-based social contact relationship manager (CRM) software for small businesses. With BatchBook, user can set up a trial account free of cost and test out the services.

BatchBook crm

It allows the user a way to organize & manage all information related to any customer in a single Platform. There are many other tools in the market which can perform similar task too,

but the main difference between any other CRM solution & Batchbook is it provides a way to manage contacts, relationships with customer, and pipeline activities all from a single platform.

Batchbook not only allows tracking of business, personal contacts but also enables the user to easily share those with anyone they wish very easily. It is possible to create a flexible, user-friendly database, it also allows connecting to any existing system to import contacts.

Apart from the standard details, the user can also use Super Tags & create fields as per his requirements. Batchbook’s Contacts option offers many types of filtering options and also very effective batch actions so the user can efficiently manage his network.

It is very easy to find and add contacts from different social networking sites. The option called contact record allows having links to various social networking profiles as well as the recent updates alongside contact information.

It gives the user a more holistic view of the social networking activities. Batchbook Communications allows keeping log of emails, noting phone calls, or any other communications with people in contacts.

Simply by selecting a client all the information is shown on contact record.

Features of Batch Book

  1. It enables to track Social media within a contact profile.  In one place, one can keep up with all the social networking sites in a single place.
  2. Communication updates: The user can attach Batchbook account with emails that they are automatically record with the related contact profile.
  3. Mobile version:  Batchbook is also started its support for mobiles like blackberry.
  4. Integration with web applications: Batch book allows integration with many web based applications which are very useful for small business.
  5. Free consultation: For any customers their base plan is $9.95 per month which includes 2 hours of support free of cost. Batchbook is mainly banking on customer loyalty which they build by helping users understand it in order to get accustomed to its features.  The level of commitment is really something amazing.
  6. Help files, videos, user guides helps the user in every step regarding how to get the maximum out of this application.
  7. Social media integration with the Social Media SuperTag.
  8. Easy to track your communication and To-Dos
  9. Easy to customize your data with SuperTag.
  10. Send emails and to-dos to Batchbook with BatchBox.
  11. Simple to build Lists and Reports.
  12. Schedule Meetings in Batchbook Using Tungle.

Though there are many CRM solutions available in the market Batchbook is unique since it allows a user to maintain & track records of customers, relationships with customers, all the email logs, call notes in an organized manner.

All information related to a customer can be kept at a single place. Batchbook ability to bring all social networks at a single place is really something unique.

Download : Batchbook social CRM

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