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LedgerSMB – free financial accounting and ERP tool

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LedgerSMB is a free and open source double entry accounting and ERP system. it specially designed for small and medium businesses to provide them a high-quality ERP and financial accounting capabilities. where all accounting data is stored in an SQL database server and uses standard web browser as their user interface to access them.

LedgerSMB financial accounting and ERP tool

The system uses the Perl language and a Perl database interface module for processing, and PostgreSQL database for data storage and work well on any UNIX-type platform, including Linux, BSD, and Apple’s OS X.

Features of LedgerSMB

  1. Easy to track account receivables, account payables, general ledger and inventory control
  2. free financial accounting and ERP tool for small and medium sized businesses
  3. fork of the popular general ledger software package called SQL-Ledger with improved data integrity controls
  4. free financial accounting software that uses the POD and PostgreSQL ‘COMMENT ON’.
  5. Free and open source financial accounting software that released under the GNU General Public License.
  6. New reconciliation interface optimized for hundreds or thousands of bank transactions per month. ( new feature)
  7. Separation of Duties, batches, and draft transactions.( new feature)
  8. Entirely new single and bulk payment systems (new Feature)

Download : http://sourceforge.net/projects/ledger-smb/

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