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Heap CRM – Simple CRM software for small businesses

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Heap CRM is a customer relationship management software for small businesses to manage sales. It is used for Inventory activities, Marketing and customer support that are incorporated within a solitary system.

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Its method of usage is very easy and more than a few features incorporated in this software are incorporation, customization, association and most of all computerization that allows you to expand your trade and along with that have a complete report of all your proceedings with your customer relation that allows you to take necessary steps when required.

It has web based user interface which is extremely user friendly and provides you a hassle free medium. All you need is your web browser and no other additional software is required. Many of the web browsers with the Heap CRM provide the complete functions that are effective in any of the platforms.

You can easily subscribe to the special CRM version of the much renowned Heap CRM. Again if you enclose special plans to contract out the IT venture of your respective company’s communications and infrastructure.

Features of Heap CRM

  1. Extensive Support Team and the effectiveness of Torch Project Management : A very good support team is provided to tackle every incoming problem and to provide you with the best possible solutions. The Torch Project Management also has the added benefit of formatting guides. It also provides you the opportunity to include images, links, tables, and much more within any of your selected text tab or field.
  2. Messages and E-mail : Easy to Send or forward email to heap, also easy to import email directly from Heap. user can create Events and tasks with email.
  3. Easy to integrate with Google Apps, 3rd party apps and Email
  4. HeapCL allows you to create messages, people, prospects and email templates from the command line.
  5. Developer can create there own Add-on for Heap Small Business CRM via Heap JavaScript API
  6. Heap CRM supports a universal JSON, POST or GET request to the webhook URL.
  7. Search anything like messages, prospectus, peoples and Events
  8. With offline Mobile Access you can access any data at anytime from anywhere
  9. Heap CRM use .CSV format to import / export data like person and lead, opportunity, customer and archive information.

Download : Heap CRM

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