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Plazma- Fully featured ERP and CRM tool for small and middle sized business

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Plazma is a fully featured ERP and CRM tool for small and medium sized business. it has user friendly interface that allow you to manage your contact and accounts, sales and projects, orders and invoices, your meetings and marketing campaigns.


it also work as document management tool for manage your documents. it written in Java based on Spring, Hibernate using Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, HSQL databases.

Benefits of Plazma ERP and CRM

  1. Accounts Management – Accumulate all your accounts and opportunities in a single database and maximize team selling effectiveness by combining all account data in one place. This includes orders, contacts, tasks, emails, files, comment. Segment all your accounts by groups and categories.
  2. Contacts Management – Enables management of your contacts effectively with the history of all negotiations, phone calls, tasks, meetings, emails and documents. The Plazma ERP+CRM powerful search engine helps you to track down key information quickly using various characteristics.
  3. Sales Management – Capture and reference key information relating to sales opportunities. Forecast revenue and measure sales process effectiveness. Track opportunity status and dates. Analyze sales by manager, product, customer segment. View all actions, mails and documents related to sale.
  4. Tasks Management – Manage schedules and keep track of activities and events for multiple users. Track phone calls, meetings, to-dos, events, and literature requests. Monitor the work schedule of your employees. View all tasks per sales opportunity, account or contact.
  5. Campaigns Management – Plan and track your marketing campaigns. Analyze campaign results. Compare campaigns effectiveness. Optimize your marketing expenses.
  6. Products Management – Accumulate all your product information providing and maximizing all product sales opportunities. Maximize team selling effectiveness by combining all contacts to products.
  7. Analytical Reports – Analyze the effectiveness of your sales team. Generate activity reports. Analyze sales forecast and results. Export data from any grid to PDF, HTML, XLS .

Download : Plazma ERP+CRM Tool

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