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Workbooks CRM – Web Based CRM software for small and medium sized businesses

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Workbooks is a Web Based CRM and Business applications that help you in streamlining your whole business, increasing productivity and performance through efficiency gains. It not only increase your sales and track key business information but also improve your quality of service and help to reduce your operational costs.

Workbooks CRM

it was specially designed for small and mid-size enterprises and provide service in the form of Software-as-a-Service, therefore removing the traditional requirements of having hardware to maintain and software to install and support. They work in sectors like Finance, Professional Services, Insurance, Not-for-profit organizations, IT, Telecommunications, Construction, Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing.

The company realizes the customer’s need to improve their small and large businesses and keeping their customers’ needs in mind, they have included many new features to their application. The software is web based and therefore, the customers find it easy to streamline their work in the fields that their companies intend to work on. For small and medium size organizations, their web based applications provide a much more cost effective way to deliver effective IT to your business.

Applications are accessible online therefore all the complexity of the underlying IT is no longer your problem. At Workbooks.com the customers don’t need to worry about upgrading hardware or about which operating system suits the software’s working or which VPN will work. They take care of the IT complexity so that you don’t have to. All you need is a computer with a web browser and you can access your business applications from anywhere.

They provide service at a much more cost effective price than traditional software. Including the fact our infrastructure is shared across multiple customers, so there isn’t the cost of unused I.T. As they don’t ship traditional software and have a controlled environment price, the company doesn’t need to test run their software on various kinds of systems. Thus, the software is cost effective and cheaply available.

The software has a very high security system. Thus, even if your information is completely net based,in a single system software, the information is protected under a very high security system.

Features of Workbooks Web Based CRM

  1. Management – Record information about all the people and organizations you do business with and categories and sort your information based on roles and interests. From a single screen you may also see all interactions, including activities, emails, opportunities, cases, orders and invoices.
  2. Arranging Activities : Record activities and meetings against any record type in Workbooks and customize them to meet your specific business needs. Sharing through Outlook, Google and Lotus is also an option.
  3. Notes and Attachments : Store Notes and Attachments against any record in Workbooks. Notes can be written using a rich HTML editor so you can highlight and format information. You can also restrict access to Notes so only authorized people have access. You can set the privacy settings of these notes according to your taste.
  4. Global Search : Just type a search term into the search bar on the desktop and Workbooks will search your entire database in milliseconds.The Global Search provides a quick and easy way to find any information in Workbooks.
  5. Marketing Campaigns: Campaigns are a powerful feature in Workbooks, which allow you to group prospects together for targeted marketing activities.
  6. Forecasting Sales: Use the Forecasting tool to create accurate sales forecasts for your financial periods. Workbooks allows you to customize the forecasting tool to include or exclude opportunities based on opportunity stage, as well as allowing you to create ‘best case’ and ‘commit’ sales forecasts.

Therefore, the software not only helps people engaging in small businesses but also people from the financial and technological sectors. Its vital features not only make your work easier but also provide you with a lot more insight into your own field of action.

Download : Workbooks CRM

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