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Aiki Framework – open-source web 2.0 platform

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Aiki Framework is a flexible open-source web 2.0 framework based on PHP+MYSQL that allow any web designers and programmers to easily create and work with content management systems from the web. it save all the controllers and output templates in a database or any other storage system that making it easy to use and easy to customize.

Aiki Framework - open-source web 2.0 platform

With advanced permissions system, Aiki Framework allow any developers and website administrator to control an unlimited number of sites in one platform. Aiki Framework is written PHP and used SQL-based database engines such as MYSQL, PSQL, SQLite, etc.

Features of Aiki Framework

  1. Stores controllers and output templates in a database (or any other storage system).
  2. Seamless. Web site creation is easy, secure and consistent.
  3. JQuery built-in. Ajax menus and links.
  4. Requires little programming knowledge to use.
  5. Fully customizable. Create your own interface to interact with your website/application, everything is modular.
  6. Intuitive simple markup to perform advanced database actions.
  7. Create your own structure, your own applications with Aiki Framework
  8. Simple installation.
  9. Works with several database installations.
  10. Allows for several developers to administer most aspects of a website without using FTP, or terminal session.
  11. Written in PHP5. Ruby, Python, and other versions to follow.
  12. Easy to use Ajax admin interface
  13. High-performance, able to support heavy traffic.

Download: Aiki Framework

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