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Dekoh Desktop – cross-platform development framework for RIA developers

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Dekoh Desktop is a cross-platform open source development framework for RIA developers where developers can easily deploying Java, Flash, and Ajax applications. The platform provides web 2.0 features like tagging, sharing and commenting and give you the unique benefits of desktop and web together.


It also has rich syndication API and built-in support for versioning and upgrading of applications. Developers can leverage the reusable JavaScript widgets to cut down on development time. Dekoh platform consists of Dekoh Desktop and Dekoh Network.

it provide small installation file that can be installed on user’s desktop in a single click. Dekoh Desktop includes a web server on which applications written using open standards like JSP, Ajax, DHTML, Flash can be deployed and accessed thru a web browser. Applications deployed on Dekoh Desktop are automatically enabled for web 2.0 functions like tagging, sharing, commenting, rating, etc.

Dekoh Network allows developer to controlled sharing of applications or content on the web. A user can share application/content on his or her desktop with a another user, who can have userID.dekoh.net and access it. The key thing to note is that the user is not required to upload different kind of content to different websites. Instead, the shared content and applications remain on the desktop and are served from there.

Download: Dekoh Desktop

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