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DHTMLX Touch – HTML5 based JavaScript library for building mobile web applications

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DHTMLX Touch is a JavaScript library that uses HTML 5 for building mobile web applications. The framework is a not just a set of UI widgets, It’s a complete framework that allows you to create cross-platform web applications for mobile and touch-screen devices.


The framework is fully compatible with all major web browsers for mobile platforms and application built with DHTMLX Touch will run smoothly on iPad, iPhone, Android-based smartphones, and other popular touch screen devices.

Features of DHTMLX Touch

  1. Full-featured web based visual designer
  2. Server side Integration
  3. Global data store
  4. Provide support for Carousel Component
  5. Additional Animation
  6. Extended support for mobile & touch devices
  7. Provide Detailed documentation about how to use DHTMLX Touch
  8. Support for Client storage.
  9. DHTMLX Touch library will be available under the terms of GNU GPL and Commercial License.

Download : http://www.dhtmlx.com/touch/

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