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Echo framework – open-source Web framework for developing rich internet application

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Echo framework is an open source web application framework for developing web-based object-oriented, event-driven applications.

From the developer’s perspective, Echo behaves as a user interface toolkit–like Swing or Eclipse SWT. Through the use of the swing model, Echo was able to employ concepts such as components and event-driven programming for improve the speed of user interface development.
Echo framework
Knowledge of HTML, HTTP, and JavaScript is not required.Tutorials, white papers, and full API documentation are available. The latest version, Echo3, features the ability to write applications in either server-side Java or client-side JavaScript. Server-side applications run in any Java Servlet Container and do not require developer knowledge of HTML, HTTP, or JavaScript.

The framework is compatible with web browsers that supports DOM2/CSS2.1 and JavaScript 1.5/ECMAScript v3 standards like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and more. Echo is open-source software, licensed under the Mozilla Public License.

Download : http://echo.nextapp.com/site/download

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