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FAT-FREE framework – A lightweight PHP 5.3 Web development framework

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PHP FAT-FREE is a lightweight, modular single-file PHP 5.3 + web application framework specially designed for build dynamic and robust Web sites.

FAT-FREE - PHP 5.3 Web development framework

It shows some resemblance to Ruby’s Sinatra and PHP’s Limonade, but the similarities end with Fat-Free’s optional plug-ins that extend its capabilities such as HTML, XML, WML, RSS, e-mail template rendering engine,URL-based cache, CAPTCHA image generator, an SQL database helper for databases, JavaScript/CSS compressor, dynamic XML sitemaps, thumbnail and fake image generator, identicons, and tools for communicating with other servers, bandwidth throttle, automatic spam protection, unit testing tools, code profiler, an HTML forms processor – All thus tools in a Single compact 41KB zero-install file!

The main philosophy behind the framework and its approach to the Model-View-Controller design pattern is towards minimalism in structural components, avoiding application complexity and striking a balance between code elegance, application performance and programmer productivity.

Download : http://fatfree.sourceforge.net/

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