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InAppSettingsKit – software kit to easily add in-app settings to iPhone apps

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InAppSettingsKit is a free and open source software kit for iPhone apps developer to easily add in-app settings to your iPhone apps. it uses a hybrid approach to maintain the settings.app and in.app pane. so user can decide where to change the settings.


it also very easy to integrate software kit into any iPhone application and implement the settings within minutes. the software kit is specially designed to create a 100% imitation of the Settings.app behavior. however it also offer some useful features such as overriding the settings file that is used in-app.

it’s an open source project released under the liberal BSD license.

Features of InAppSettingsKit

  1. Easy integration, implement settings in your app within minutes
  2. Instantly change the behavior of your app
  3. Uniform experience for your users
  4. Accurately mimics the behavior found in Settings.app
  5. Hybrid solution. Works both in-app and in Settings.app

Download : InAppSettingsKit

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