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iWebKit – mobile apps development framework to create your own iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications

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iWebKit is a free mobile Application development framework that specially designed to create your own iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible websites and web applications.


it uses basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create your own applications, So anyone who has basic knowledge about HTML,CSS and JavaScript can easily developed professionally looking websites and Web Apps that is optimized to look and act like a native iPhone application.

It is very easy to use, extremely fast to load, compatible & extendable, and also support for iPhone-style form elements (like on/off checkboxes), pop-ups, Full screen and more..

New Features of iWebKit

  1. Most images are now replaced by a CSS gradient.
  2. Fully CSS 3 styled Form elements
  3. The top bar thin in landscape mode.
  4. Black and transparent topbar options.
  5. Support for New iPod and app store style lists.
  6. Added search field for under top bar
  7. Added new blue button, new icons for your menu
  8. Added double advertisement bubbles.
  9. New star system for list views.
  10. Text turns blue on touch in the music list.

Download : iWebKit framework

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