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JavaScript animation library – $fx

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$fx is a compact, lightweight, self-contained JavaScript animation library that allow you to create simple animation from HTML elements. It doesn’t require any other library to function and should play well with any other libraries you are using such as Prototype, jQuery, Moo tools, etc.

JavaScript animation library - $fx

it’s lightweight (only 3.7kb), hassle-free implementation and doesn’t require any other library to function makes $fx a powerful option for adding eye-popping animation effects to your web projects. You can animate DOM elements by altering any CSS property along a timeline, allowing animated effects to play in succession – i.e. in the order you want them to. It handles all of the headaches of timer controls and makes it easy to animate anything from simple, subtle animations to more elaborate animations.

It also offers the ability to combine adjustments to CSS properties for combined effects, and allows you to set multiple callbacks, offering more flexibility.

Features of $fx

  1. CSS properties (and more!) adjustment along a time line
  2. Parallel effect sets and effect chains
  3. Extended set of callbacks to adjust behavior
  4. Parallax Scrolling
  5. Less than 4kb!

Download : http://fx.inetcat.com/

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