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Roar – Notification Widget to create pop-up notifications like OS X’s Growl Framework

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Roar is a Notification Widget that allow you to create pop-up notifications like Mac OS X Growl Framework. It streamlines incoming messages, such as updates or errors, without distracting the user from their browser experience or breaking their work-flow by displaying obtrusive alerts.

Roar Notification Widget

Roar is inspired by Mac OS X Growl Framework, and is realised with MooTools as well. You can check out the following 3 examples below. You can check out the following 3 examples below.

Features of Roar :

  • Show any information’s you want and style them with class-names.
  • Messages are queued and interactive
    • Hover them to read them longer
    • Add optional click-interaction to provide more information
  • Customize them via external CSS to your own needs.

Roar has been tested on all A-Grade Browsers (like Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9, Firefox 1.5+ and Safari 2+) and it is available under the MIT License.


  • MooTools JavaScript Framework with at least these modules: Element.Dimensions, Fx.Tween, Fx.Morph, Selectors, DomReady (facultative).

Download: Roar Notification Widget

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