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SiteFusion – build desktop applications with PHP

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SiteFusion is an open source server based application development platform written in PHP and work through a thin XUL client.

it’s application development framework that allow developer to code applications in object-oriented PHP to run on a server, but looks and behaves like native desktop applications through a XUL Runner-based thin client.

SiteFusion - client-server based application development platform

You can connects to the SiteFusion daemon through an ordinary Web server and applications run in separate continuous processes and make two-way real-time ZLib compressed communication with client, without the need for additional Web server configurations.

SiteFusion application development

Developer can easily and quickly write both large and small-scale applications with sitefusion that need connectivity to a central server.

Because the server applications development tool are written in PHP, even novice programmers can quickly build something that looks very professional, while experienced programmers can use a full set of tools behind the scenes.

Features of SiteFusion

  1. Build Platform-independent applications
  2. looks and behaves like native desktop applications
  3. Writing applications in pure object-oriented PHP languages
  4. client side file handling
  5. No traditional browser security restrictions: access the client file system, run programs, play sounds etc…
  6. It’s Fast!
  7. API that offers the full set of possibilities that XUL and PHP entail
  8. Client connecting through a regular web server, no additional configuration required
  9. Thin, update-free XUL client
  10. XULCustomTree, the adapted tree class that unlocks all features of the Mozilla tree view including sorting, drag & drop and editable cells. Also supports sparse trees, allowing efficient presentation and operation of trees of over 10000 nodes
  11. Continuous processes on the server side governed by a daemon
  12. Two-way real-time ZLib compressed communication
  13. No exposure of application logic and code
  14. Silently pushing these client extensions from the server, without user interaction. This enables the client to effectively transform into any form required by the application.
  15. Jobs, cronjob-like timed execution of a PHP script and mailing of the output to a specified address

Download : SiteFusion

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