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SproutCore – HTML 5 supported JavaScript Application framework

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SproutCore is an open source HTML 5 features supported JavaScript Application framework for building desktop-class web applications on the web without plugins.

sproutcore JavaScript Application framework

it’s a full-fledged Application framework, written in JavaScript. That JavaScript executes in your user’s browser, freeing up your servers (and server engineers) to focus on what’s most important in a cloud application: delivering users’ data as quickly and reliably as possible.

Features of SproutCore

  1. cross browser JavaScript application framework: Work well in all modern web browsers (at least Safari 3 or later, Firefox 3 or later, IE 7 or later) without plugins. Plugins may be used in some limited cases such as offline storage, video, or uploading – but the capability should degrade smoothly.
  2. Design for high-latency : user’s data will live in the cloud at least 250msec away from the user’s client and minimize this effect on the user experience.
  3. Focus on Performance : Minimize the time it takes to download and start an app.  Avoid doing work unless absolutely necessary
  4. Be Hackable : code are readable, organized, and decoupled enough that its easy for developers to mold it to their needs.
  5. Apps can compete in terms of richness and functionality with most desktop applications : it support keyboard events, drag and drop, touch events, and rich animations, are offline capable, immediately respond to user actions; minimizing delays due to network latency.

Download: http://www.sproutcore.com/

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