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UltraLightClient – Widget toolkit and framework for developing Rich Internet Applications

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UltraLightClient is a RIA framework and widget toolkit for developing solid business rich internet application (RIA) in Java. it’s an pure java based server-side architecture enables rapid development, dramatic cost savings, outstanding user experiences and provide superior performance.


It also provide thin client support for Swing, which use to develop Rich Internet Application based on Java. With this framework, server-side Java EE applications can offer Swing based graphical user interfaces in a thin client architecture, i.e. it bridges the gap between Swing’s user interface components and a server-side web architecture. The core idea of UltraLightClient is to run applications on a centrally controlled application server, like HTML based applications. Only an application-independent Presentation Engine runs on the desktop.

Features of UltraLightClient

  1. Comprehensive widget set (similar to Swing) and an Application Framework for development of Rich Internet Applications.
  2. Built-in Testing Framework for unit and functional testing of GUIs.
  3. The Charting Feature enables display of complex facts and figures through professional quality charts.
  4. The integrated Animations Framework enables development of attractive animated user interfaces.
  5. Extended visual effects, such as transparency, rounded corners, background images and gradients, enable attractive GUI designs.
  6. Easy integration into Google App Engine.

Download : UltraLightClient

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